Traphouse Druglord TrapCoin Is Now Available

Censorship Is a Problem

The stories out there are endless. Corporate Goliaths have shown time and time again that they will censor content creators, freeze their money, suspend their assests, and even just delete them when they feel like it. Their customer service is often useless and you will just receive generic emails that never really say why it ever happened in the first place. This leaves the content creator stranded and without an idea what to do. This isn’t right and shouldn’t be tolerated.

We Found MintMe

MintMe is a decentralized crowdfunding platform where the supporters can earn on who or what they support.
Anyone can mint or create a token (coin) that represents themselves or a project that they have created for their fanbase and supporters to support them.
It helps content creators to realize their maximum potential through a new innovative way of crowdfunding. It’s also a social platform where traders can interact with token creators and other traders. Tokens are created (minted) on top of our custom decentralized blockchain called MintMe Coin.
When you create coin or create token, you become an owner of your own financial future. Create a token, create a coin for your project or yourself or just trade other peoples coins.

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We Like This Idea

MintMe is a new way to invest in people! MintMe is a new way for content creators or anyone to crowdfund their idea and give the supporter the opportunity to actually earn from their support. MintMe is decentralized and not easy to censor. MintMe is an easy way to support someone or something and to easily get into cryptocurrency for the first time.

Make Your Own Coin Here

What does TrapCoin do?

TrapCoin is a way for anyone that wants to support us or even invest in us. We will be giving away TrapCoin periodically and this can be exchanged for MintMe, but be sure to hold your TrapCoin, cause just like any other cryptocurrency or Token, the value will change over time as we grow.

What can I do with TrapCoin?

You can hold or trade TrapCoin. You can Trade TrapCoin for MintMe and then you can trade MintMe for Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you already have Bitcoin or Ethereum you can trade it for MintMe and then trade the MintMe for TrapCoin.

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