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Traphouse Druglord

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Traphouse is getting ready to have a massive graphics overhaul, adjusted gameplay, and more features soon. We plan to fine tune every feature in the game and expand upon them making Traphouse overall more challenging, engaging, and fun. Until then Traphouse will not receive any more updates regarding gameplay and features until we have completed the massive update we plan for. If you find a bug please report it on our contact page, our instagram, our Facebook, or Email and we will still fix them and release an update for that.

Thank you for your support! You are awesome!

Traphouse Current Version 0.96

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SalesHelper Now Avaliable On Software Page

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Sales Helper is a great way to keep track and have a report of your finances at the end of the year for taxes on sales platforms like Ebay.
The program was built for a project to test saving and loading functions with xml.
We wanted to build a software that was useful and that we could use as well.