Cool Water Blender

This was made in Blender after following this Youtube tutorial. The video is explained very well and I think the results are great. We modified our version just a bit, but we learned a lot in Blender from it and thought it was really cool. Our result is below.

Little bit of water.

Posted by Street Conference Studios on Monday, December 30, 2019

Up Coming Horror Title

We have an upcoming horror title that we think is going to be great! We hope you like it too! Here’s some in-game media to give you an idea.

The first image is the computer and all 5 components you will need to find.

The second image is the a pretty scary guy. Idk where he came from, but we’re sure it will be revealed soon. Looks Like a barn in the background. Some dead trees too.. Where could this be? Whats going on?

Early Prototype of the original AI. This isnt used much any more, but the new AI was built off of it.

More to come on this soon! Follow us for updates!#mobilegame #mobilegamedev #gamedev #gamedeveloper #indiegamedeveloper #indiegames #unity #game #gaming #effects #indie #indiegame #android #indiegamestudio #blender3d #blender #majorupdate #scarygames

Posted by Street Conference Studios on Monday, February 3, 2020