Game Updates

Traphouse Android Announcement

We have heard, listened to everyone, and we want to keep you updated on what we are doing with Traphouse. We have been working on Traphouse and have some awesome ideas on what we would like to implement into it. This will pertain to the Android version of Traphouse. An announcement on the PC version will be made after we finish the android version.

Updates to Traphouse Android Version

  • Add quick amount buttons for TrapCoin to easily get the amount you want quickly.
  • Implement an auto save feature.
  • Add the ability to buy more cook pots.
  • Ability to hire a bagger to make bagging automated.
  • Redo the ending.
  • Balance ranking up and give more rewards for each rank.
  • Fix other reported bugs and do some balancing to multiple systems.
  • GUI Fixes.
  • Try and reduce size.
  • And a few more features and fixes.

We know…

We didn’t mention above that we are adding any new drugs. That has been a massive request and we would love to do it, but the way we initially made Traphouse this would require a lot of time, testing, re balancing, and a complete reconstruction of a lot of systems. We’re not saying we will never do it, but it wont come in the near future.

But we have a plan..

That plan is to transform the darknet market. We plan to redo the darknet market and add the ability to buy and sell a variety of drugs on the darknet market. Normal sales still remain at the door and this will create a big challenge to go between. This will come with a new range of challenges and pitfalls. We’re excited about this part and don’t want to give many details and ruin it.

Sneak Peak Reveal for PC

This is not going to be ready as soon as the Android update, but we are putting a lot of thought into it. We are excited about what we plan to do with the PC version. There are limits to what we can do on Android and we want to make it bigger. We hope that the future PC version can be ported back to Android one day, but it won’t be in the near future, because it could involve various challenges we will have to overcome.

When is the release?

To be determined at a later date.

What do you think?

Did we leave anything you want to see out? Do you have any questions or feedback? Leave a comment down below and we will answer them quickly. Its overwhelming the support we have had so thank you all for your support!

We have been working as much as we can and plan to update you hopefully once a week on what we have done.

Fixes So Far

  • Various small fixes – 3
  • Fixed a bug where the product buttons and amounts wouldn’t show sometimes
  • Fixed the website button in the game tutorial menu
  • Rent now increases as you level up, but is lower at the start
  • GUI redesign is about 50% done
  • Buying and selling TrapCoin raises heat
  • Few more coding and general fixes
  • Balancing seeds
  • Multiple Cook pots have been added and fully implemented
  • New stove GUI bug and resolution fixes
  • New Computer GUI bug and resolution fixes
  • Quick buy buttons for TrapCoin implemented
Game Updates

Horror Title Update

Computer along with all the components have been integrated into the game. Players can find all 5 components and assemble them to escape locations. spawn locations of items will be randomly generated through each play through.

Killers, a wide array of killers will hunt down the players. Following different inspirations and classical horror tropes. Can you assemble all five pieces and escape?

It will be easier said than done. The killer pictured above is know as Skin and bones. With limbs and bones that have elongated causing his skin to stretch and misconstrue across his body.

More updates following this eerie horror project will come in the following weeks.