The Quarantine Sale

Since the world is going crazy and a lot of people are being Quarantined we are going to make all of our paid products 67% off.

You can currently get Traphouse on PC for only $0.98 cents! If you’re stuck in the house you might as well start your very own virtual Traphouse! We have plans to upgrade the PC version and add way more features and game play. These plans will be announced soon! Grab you a copy of Traphouse and let us know what you think. We want as much feedback as possible so please visit our contact page and get in touch!

Click Here To Get Traphouse

You can also get our Weather Particle System for only $0.98 cents as well. If you want to bundle these items you can get both for just $1.75. We will support this weather system and any questions you have just visit our contact page and get in touch! We tried to make this very easy to add to your own project. It should just be drag and drop, but if you have problems contact us and we will help you resolve any issue.

Click Here To Get The Weather System

Stay safe during these crazy times! Let us know your thoughts about COVID-19 in the comment section below. Have you been impacted? What is your town like?