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Unity 2D&3D Weather Package Released

Whatever kind of weather, for your Unity scene you need, you can easily drag and drop it in with this Unity package. If you need some rain, some clouds, some snow, hail, or even lightning you can just effortlessly drag and drop it in to any Unity scene whether its 2D or 3D.

This is a great asset to have! It looks well enough it could be used in a final product or makes prototyping much faster! It can help you with a weather system for just about any project. It has a range of simple weather systems that include:
2D/3D Clouds Made With Particles
2D/3D Rain Made With Particles
2D/3D Lightning Made With Particles
2D/3D Snow Made With Particles
2D/3D Hail Made With Particles
2D Cloud In a World Space Canvas

It also includes a demo scene to show you many different ways you can combine these weather systems.

Check it out by clicking here

We tried to make this Unity Package as easy as we could to set up, but if you need any help please contact us on our social media pages! Thanks for checking it out! You’re awesome!

If you have any questions or need help with this asset let us know by clicking here.