Game Updates

Horror Title Update

Computer along with all the components have been integrated into the game. Players can find all 5 components and assemble them to escape locations. spawn locations of items will be randomly generated through each play through.

Killers, a wide array of killers will hunt down the players. Following different inspirations and classical horror tropes. Can you assemble all five pieces and escape?

It will be easier said than done. The killer pictured above is know as Skin and bones. With limbs and bones that have elongated causing his skin to stretch and misconstrue across his body.

More updates following this eerie horror project will come in the following weeks.



Lunar CyKILLS is about a rogue moon that broke bad and decided to destroy all the planets. This moon has lasers and you can use those to shoot planets or you can collide with planets and watch them fracture. This game was made for the Lunar New Year Game Jam. The theme was lunar. At first we were prototyping a game where you are the moon and you have to avoid planets with a pool style mechanic, but this wasn’t as engaging as we liked so we changed it to colliding with planets after we made the planets fracture. This was going well and we we’re making great time. We introduced over 50 new planet variations and you have to avoid meteors as you accelerate faster and faster. This game can be found on and it was later ported to Android and is available On Google Play.

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Cool Water Blender

This was made in Blender after following this Youtube tutorial. The video is explained very well and I think the results are great. We modified our version just a bit, but we learned a lot in Blender from it and thought it was really cool. Our result is below.

Little bit of water.

Posted by Street Conference Studios on Monday, December 30, 2019

Up Coming Horror Title

We have an upcoming horror title that we think is going to be great! We hope you like it too! Here’s some in-game media to give you an idea.

The first image is the computer and all 5 components you will need to find.

The second image is the a pretty scary guy. Idk where he came from, but we’re sure it will be revealed soon. Looks Like a barn in the background. Some dead trees too.. Where could this be? Whats going on?

Early Prototype of the original AI. This isnt used much any more, but the new AI was built off of it.

More to come on this soon! Follow us for updates!#mobilegame #mobilegamedev #gamedev #gamedeveloper #indiegamedeveloper #indiegames #unity #game #gaming #effects #indie #indiegame #android #indiegamestudio #blender3d #blender #majorupdate #scarygames

Posted by Street Conference Studios on Monday, February 3, 2020